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Cafe Montmartre
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Cafe Montmartre: Stan Getz

Stand: 18.07.2019
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Stan Getz - Cafe Montmartre
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Stand: 20.07.2019
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Mindwash - Hugh Burns
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Titel: Mindwash - Hugh BurnsFormat: Audio CDTracks: Disc 1:1. Into the light 2. Dedication 3. Wedding song 4. Another country road 5. Our secrets 6. Highlands 7. Cafe Montmartre 8. Renaissance 9. Blue espanole 10. Palms 11. Hearts 12. Questions

Anbieter: RAKUTEN
Stand: 25.06.2019
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The Seasons in the Garden: Seven Paris Mysterie...
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Who knew? Spies read! In a loft in the 18th Arrondissement near Montmartre, Jamie Litton has become intoxicated with his life as a member of Parisian Café Society. A group of artists, musicians, and poets unconditionally embrace their newest member, not knowing that this somewhat eccentric man hides a dangerous secret. His best friend Ben Foulof, a missing journalist, is on the run from a powerful news organization that wants its rogue agent back...dead or alive. If the bumbling mystery writer Jamie Litton should get in the way...kill him. But bring back his manuscript. It holds all the clues. The Seasons in the Garden (Les Saisons dans Le Jardin) in English. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ian A. Miller. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: 26.06.2019
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